For Dimmu Borgir fans, it's felt like an eon since the Norwegian group last released a new album. It's been eight years since Abrahadabra and at last there's finally some fresh music to take in by way of the Eonian track "Interdimensional Summit."

Orchestration is a hallmark of Dimmu Borgir's armageddon-summoning sound, but here it's used to an even more grandiose effect. Marching tempos clash with spiraling symphonies and lush choirs giving "Interdimensional Summit" some new elements to play with alongside a winding arrangement that offers an aura of unpredictability.

“Some of the songs on this album were written in 2012. All of us have our own pre-production studios and just write separately, without too much communication at first. Over a time period of one or two years we collect our ideas and then get together and try to get the best out of the material”, vocalist Shagrath said of the Eonian experience. “Sometimes this can be quite challenging, because we have different tastes and opinions – but that makes it also more interesting for the listener, since we want to create music that makes you feel as if you don’t know what’s behind the next corner.”

Guitarist Silenoz added, “The main challenge is to hold back the beast. You're so into what you're doing that sometimes it's easy to forget that you have to approach the beast without waking it up right away, because you know you won't be able to control it. It's actually pointless to trick yourself to believe you can ever control art... It's like going into a lion's den with a rope tied around your waist in case you need to be pulled out real quick. Being our own producers also mean we have to step out of our own egos and look at our material from an 'outside' perspective. This is another challenging part of the songwriting process because you put so much of yourself into it - and then to start shaving off things, trim things down instead of adding - is a tough process. Letting go can sometimes be really hard but when we step out of ourselves and look into the mouth of the beast, only then we're able to distinguish what to feed it next.”

Eonian drops on May 4 through Nuclear Blast. Watch the video for the new song above.

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