Dirty Honey drummer Corey Coverstone crashed his mountain bike on an insane ride earlier this week and uploaded a Go Pro video clip of the painful event that resulted in a wrist injury.

The run alongside a friend took place on Sunday (March 28) in Haines Canyon, north of Los Angeles as reported by BraveWords. Prior to biking that day, Coverstone had ventured down that same trail three times.

The footage below was taken from his second ride on Sunday after going down the trail once successfully earlier. He attributed the crash to a "perfect storm" of loose terrain, and also noted his bike's suspension wasn't optimal and that he was riding faster than he should have been in addition to not looking far enough out on the trail to see what obstacles and turns were ahead.

After navigating some harrowing turns and gravity-defying jumps, Coverstone landed in a pile of sticks and sought the aid of his friends to help get him out. Nursing his left arm and wrist, he rode his bike down the remainder of the path and saw an orthopedic specialist to treat the injury.

It was recommended that the Dirty Honey drummer get a cast placed over his wrist and forearm, which he declined and instead elected to ice it and take calcium while maintaining motion in his finger to support blood flow.

Loudwire wishes Coverstone a quick and full recovery from his wrist injury.

Meanwhile, Dirty Honey are readying the release of their self-titled debut album, which arrives on April 23. The album was preceded by two singles: "California Dreamin'" and "Tied Up."

Dirty Honey Drummer Crashes Mountain Bike

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