Doll Skin have announced a new album and dropped its vengeful first single, "Mark My Words." In addition, the group have just announced their signing to Hopeless Records. The album, titled Love Is Dead and We Killed Her, is due for release June 28.

"Mark My Words" is a heavy, energetic punch about getting revenge on someone from an abusive past relationship. The video draws inspiration from The Craft, showing the band surrounding a cauldron and performing rituals around it. Watch the video below.

"This album was written about traumatic or extraordinary events that have impacted us as humans and wanted to share those emotions with people who can relate. We want to be vocal for those who may feel like they don’t have a voice. Lots of these songs tackled issues that upset us and we want to put out a message that we feel matters and to have a point behind all of our songs," the group says of the new album. Pre-order it here, and see the track listing below.

Hopeless Records
Hopeless Records

Doll Skin will head out on the road this May with New Found Glory, Real Friends and The Early November. See the dates here.

Love Is Dead and We Killed Her Track Listing

1. Don't Cross My Path
2. Love Is Dead and We Killed Her
3. Mark My Words
4. No Fear
5. Outta My Mind
6. Ink Stains
7. Nasty Man
8. Your Idols Are Dying
9. Empty House
10. When They Show Their Teeth
11. Homesick

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