Headbanging is not only encouraged and invited at Down shows. It's expected. At the Orange Peel in Asheville, N.C. on Monday (May 21), the Phil Anselmo-fronted band performed the brand new song 'The Misfortune Teller.'

Yes, it rips, is musically devastating and boasts both that sludgy undertone and those deep grooves we've come to want and expect from Down. And Anselmo commanded fans in the audience bang their heads. When Phil tells you to do something, well, there's no negotiation permitted. You just do it.

In the beginning, he barks: "More headbangers, more headbangers, more headbangers." He then rationalized, "I know you want to watch and listen. Forget about that. Wait til the record comes out. For tonight, just freestyle it, like us."

He demonstrated such a keen understanding of the fans with that statement. While it's tempting to absorb and process a new song upon hearing it for the first time, he was having none of it. Anselmo wanted full on fan participation.

Anselmo then proceeded to bang his head so hard his brains had to scramble.

Loudwire spoke exclusively to Anselmo about the Down EPs and his solo album, which will fall under his Philip H. Anselmo moniker. Read what he says about those releases here.

What did you think of 'The Misfortune Teller,' Loudwire readers?

Watch Down Perform 'The Misfortune Teller' in Concert