Power metal has never been quite as popular in the United States as it has in Europe and South America, but it got a much needed bump in 2006 when DragonForce's blazing "Through the Fire and Flames" ensnared a generation of headbangers. Now, that song has surpassed 100 million views on YouTube.

The Inhuman Rampage track was a featured song in the Guitar Hero video game franchise, helping to elevate its status. The outrageous solo battle between guitarists Herman Li and Sam Totman mystified listeners and threw down the gauntlet to anyone who thought they were masters at Guitar Hero. For some, it seemed more realistic to start a real band and land a record deal than to try to beat the track on expert mode.

"Through the Fire and Flames" is rife with theatrical guitar antics like video game sounds and even, accidentally, a broken string.

Li confirmed that the take with the broken string was left intact in an episode of Loudwire's 'Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?' "We left the broken string at the end of the song 'cause we thought it sounded cool," said Li, who went on, "You can't really recreate it live so what I do is kick the guitar as hard as possible in the part and hopefully break the string — but it never does."

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