Eclectic drummer Mike Portnoy would love to work with his old Dream Theater bandmate John Petrucci again. The two still maintain a close friendship following Portnoy's highly-publicized exit from the band in 2010, as evidenced in a December 2019 photo of the pair taken at the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree.

But in a new interview, Portnoy proffered that both he and the guitarist would relish the chance to get back together again in a musical capacity. Does that mean a new collaboration among the veteran musicians could be just around the corner? In recent years, Petrucci's kept busy steering the Dream Theater ship while Portnoy's played with everyone from Sons of Apollo to The Winery DogsMetal Allegiance and Adrenaline Mob.

But avid listeners are likely aware that the drummer and guitarist each also performed in prog-metal offshoot Liquid Tension Experiment, a project Portnoy referenced when asked if there's hope for a future partnership from the pair.

"We would both love it," Portnoy told MyGlobalMind in no uncertain terms Wednesday (Jan. 1). "We are a great team of 25 years as we were co-captains of Dream Theater and Liquid Tension Experiment. I would also go out with him on the G3 Tours. I look back at the relationship we had, and it was very special from a drummer/guitarist relationship."

Remembering the creativity contained within that alliance, the drummer went on to compare the duo's artistry with some of rock and metal's renowned songwriting teams, including those of Metallica, Pantera and Van Halen.

"You can see that with Lars and James of Metallica, Dimebag and Vinnie of Pantera, and Eddie and Alex Van Halen," Portnoy continued. "I think John and I had that type of partnership. We are both at our best and strongest when we work together, and I miss that relationship. He and I have a great personal relationship now and get together with our families. It would be a shame not to make music in some capacity in the future. I hope we can."

Portnoy's Sons of Apollo release the aptly titled new album MMXX later this month. It's preceded by the singles "Goodbye Divinity" and "Fall to Ascend." Last week, the drummer recapped his favorite media of 2019.

Dream Theater released their latest album, Distance Over Time, less than a year ago. In August 2019, Petrucci stopped by Loudwire to play an entertaining round of "Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?"

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