A new force in metal combines the talents of Drowning Pool and Nonpoint. The new supergroup, Voodoo Corps, consists of Drowning Pool guitarist C.J. Pierce and drummer Mike Luce along with former Nonpoint members Zach Broderick on guitar and Ken MacMillan on bass.

Voodoo Corps offers the experience accumulated by two of the genre's most successful bands as well as their own nu-metal and groove metal sensibilities, which the band describes on their Facebook page as, "Motorcycle Metal meets your mom's homemade meatloaf!!!"

The band's official mission statement reads, "From the collective bowels of the South rides forth the culmination of what can only be deemed as the kick in the ass that rock so desperately needs. Forged in the fires of what makes life truly great: friends, family, and a deep seeded love and appreciation for those who support rock music, Voodoo Corps is here to stomp your ass and then take you out for snow cones!!!"

Voodoo Corps have since released one track, 'Lights Out,' without any official news on any upcoming studio albums or tours. According to Blabbermouth, Drowning Pool drummer Mike Luce provides the vocals in the song.

Listen to Voodoo Corps' 'Lights Out'