Step aside John Hetlinger, you've got some company when it comes to surprising covers of Drowning Pool's hit song "Bodies." This latest entry comes from Cindy Miller, identified in the video comments as a Hagerstown, Maryland registered nurse and cancer survivor who has become a viral video star since her cover was posted on the Whiskey & Randy Facebook page.

The performance might have been an unsuspecting one for the crowd, as the woman takes the stage while wearing a floral dress and white cardigan. As the music kicks in, it's a little struggle early to match the vocal of the late Dave Williams, but once the chorus kicks in she hits her gutturals embodying the ferociousness of the original. Miller is then joined by a guitarist who hops onstage to rock alongside her.

After appearing on the Whiskey and Randy Facebook page, Drowning Pool caught wind of the cover, offering up the commentary, "What a bad ass!" Since the posting on Wednesday, the clip has amassed over 4.1 million views.

Back when the retired Navy pilot John Hetlinger surprised the America's Got Talent audience in 2016 with his "Bodies" cover, the band invited him out to join them at the Chicago Open Air festival.

Drowning Pool are between albums at the moment, but do have some scattered performances throughout the remainder of the year.

Get a closer look at Miller's performance in the player below.

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