Former AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd wants to be involved with Angus Young again. Rudd spoke about his desire to work with AC/DC again in some capacity in a new interview.

Phil Rudd has spent the last couple of years in trouble with the law in New Zealand. In late 2014, Rudd made international news after being arrested for attempt to procure a murder, “threatening to kill” and possession of cannabis and methamphetamine. The murder-for-hire charge against Rudd was dropped, but not before Rudd was ousted from AC/DC.

Rudd has said multiple times he plans to return to AC/DC, also praising Axl Rose’s ability to front the legendary band. While speaking to KaaosTV in Finland, Rudd addressed his future with AC/DC. “I'd like to be involved with Angus [Young] again, maybe on the next album or something,” says Rudd. “I have a few travel restrictions, so I'm not even sure if I can get into America. So I have some limitations on what I can do. I'm just making the best of my situation at the moment.”

After being asked if he’s in contact with any previous AC/DC bandmates, Rudd said, “Yes I am. I talk to Brian [Johnson] and we just talk about cars. I talk to Cliff [Williams] and we just talk about anything. It's just old friends talking. But I'm sure Angus has got a few ideas. He did a great job on the Rock or Bust album. I was really impressed with that one. It's one of the best ones we've done for sure.”

When asked if Rudd could see himself in the studio with Axl Rose, Rudd replied, “I don’t know. I just play drums, mate.”

Check out the interview with Phil Rudd in the clip above.

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