One of Duff McKagan's early bands in Seattle called the Living are gearing up to release a full set of songs tomorrow (April 16), and they've just dropped another one called "Live By the Gun."

McKagan obviously became known as the tall, blonde and big-haired bassist for Guns N' Roses — who hailed from Los Angeles, and spent their early years playing up and down the Sunset Strip. But his beginnings actually go back to the Pacific Northwest, where a true "music scene" wouldn't develop for another few years.

He was in a couple of different punk bands in Seattle, and a couple of those tenures were shared with Greg Gilmore — both in 10 Minute Warning and the Living. While McKagan eventually went on to join Guns N' Roses, Gilmore became part of Mother Love Bone. Perhaps they would have achieved a similar level of success, but Mother Love Bone's time was cut short when frontman Andrew Wood died in 1990.

It's pretty crazy how there are so many connections that were formed between musicians in Seattle during those times.

The Living are set to release their debut album on April 16, titled The Living: 1982, which will be available through Stone Gossard's Loosegroove Records. All of the songs were written by McKagan, and he played the guitar. The first single released from the collection, "Two Generation Stand," came out earlier this year in February. Now, "Living By the Gun" is our second taste.

Watch the video below, which features footage of Ronald Reagan, and pre-order the album here.

The Living - "Live By the Gun"

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