There's no power trio more brutal than Dying Fetus. If you want to take aim and lay claim to anyone else, you'd be in trouble because the death metal legends have declared they're the Wrong One to F--k With on their forthcoming eight studio effort. Making their name on thrilling technicality and hip-hop inspired slams, their power has yet to wane as evident in the music video for the new track "Fixated on Devastation."

The song's title is a testament to Dying Fetus' enduring legacy as pioneers and continued boundary pushers of the brutal / technical death metal style. After a roar of cheers from the crowd, the Maryland three-piece launch into "Fixated on Devastation," showing off impressive fretwork, especially on behalf of bassist Sean Baesley, who follows axeman John Gallagher note for note..

The video was filmed by Mitch Massie live at the Voltage Lounge in Philadelphia, Pa. on March 17.

Wrong One to F--k With will be released on June 23 through Relapse, adding 10 new tracks to the Dying Fetus canon (track list below). Physical pre-orders are now available at the label's webstore with bundle options to choose from, one of which even includes a Dying Fetus knife! For digital pre-orders, head to their Bandcamp page.

Dying Fetus, Wrong One to F--k With Track Listing

01. "Fixated on Devastation"
02. "Panic Amongst the Herd"
03. "Die With Integrity"
04. "Reveling in the Abyss"
05. "Seething With Disdain"
06. "Ideological Subjugation"
07. "Weaken the Structure"
08. "Fallacy"
09. "Unmitigated Detestation"
10. "Wrong One to F--k With"

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