We’ve said it a hundred times — System of a Down is the weirdest band to ever sell millions of albums and pack stadiums. Rock and metal fans who grew up during the turn of the millennium just seem to “get” SOAD, but what about baby boomers and senior citizens?

None of the seniors who participated in the Fine Brothers Entertainment channel’s newly posted 'Elders React to System of a Down' video had any knowledge of the band, except for Catherine, who exclaimed with joy once the band’s logo was revealed. The first System video played for the older folks was “Chop Suey!” and let’s just say it didn’t go down very well. Negative reactions include, “There’s no flow to it. There’s no beauty in it” and “You want me to spend money to see these people? I wouldn’t give them a penny!”

However, “Chop Suey!” did stimulate the curiosities of a few new listeners. One lady said, “They’re singing with a lot of feeling. There are a lot of messages in this, I would like to read the lyrics.”

Things just got stranger for the elders as they were treated to “Sugar” from SOAD’s debut album. Criticisms ranged from “It’s just noise” to “I wouldn’t put this guy’s voice up there with Steve Perry’s.” But yet again, some of the System newcomers dug what they heard. One dude even vowed to add System of a Down to his Pandora!

Watch elders react to System of a Down in the video above!

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