Electric Wizard have just revealed the release details for their ninth studio album, Wizard Bloody Wizard. The full-length will see a Nov. 10 street date via Witchfinder / Spinefarm Records, but you can hear the new track “See You in Hell” right now.

Since forming in 1993, Electric Wizard have risen up as one of metal’s most essential stoner bands, bowing at the altar of Black Sabbath and the church of fuzz pedals. With Wizard Bloody Wizard, the British band aims to resurrect the days when rock music stood for “drugs, groupies and mountains of amplification.”

“See You in Hell” is a riff-driven throwback to occult rock and heavy blues — exactly what Electric Wizard fans want in a new song. "Right away we knew this was it… the new direction we should go in," says Jus Oborn (guitar/vocals). "Real heavy music… really basic heavy rock, blues based but brutal. I think a lot of modern heavy music has disappeared up its own arse… it's too pretentious and technical. We wanted to get back to that primal sound… over-amplified blues, Hendrix, Blue Cheer, Zeppelin. They took that music and then turned it up. So we thought, 'Let's do the blues in our style. Heavy, heavy super f—kin' blues, total snail-paced funeral boogie for this 21st century hell. I guess it's meant to be hopeless but it's also defiant and unbroken."

Oborn continues, "Y'know, a lot of bad s—t has happened to us, but through it all was the music. We still dig loud heavy music and the album is not really depressed or angry, it’s arrogant and rebellious. I still believe in rock and roll and I still believe in killing it on stage and mentally destroying an audience."

To further capture the feel of rock’s golden period, Electric Wizard recorded Wizard Bloody Wizard entirely in analogue at the band’s own Satyr IX studio. "It's an anti-studio really," Oborn explains. "We wanted to put as little between the band and the tape as possible. We needed to take stuff away and use less equipment 'cos I think the raw sound of the band is killer. Studios have progressively made the recording situation more difficult and convoluted. I always think the best recordings are the simplest and most basic ones. So, yeah, we built the studio that we wanted: mics, mixing desk, tape machine, that's it. No bulls—t.”

Fans can now pre-order Wizard Bloody Wizard and a variety of bundle packs. Check out the album’s full track listing and album cover below.

Electric Wizard, Wizard Bloody Wizard Album Cover

Witchfinder / Spinefarm
Witchfinder / Spinefarm

Electric Wizard, Wizard Bloody Wizard Track Listing:

1. See You in Hell
2. Necromania
3. Hear the Sirens Scream
4. The Reaper
5. Wicked Caresses
6. Mourning of the Magicians

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