We've got a very cool new video to share with you from U.K. progressive metal act Empress AD. From the band's upcoming debut album, 'Still Life Moving Fast,' we have the North American premiere of the track 'Invisible Conductor' along with its nightmarish drug trip of a video.

Empress AD take much influence from bands such as King Crimson, Pink Floyd, Opeth and Mastodon. If those influences point to just one thing, it's progression. Much like their rock and metal heroes, Empress AD strike a tasteful balance when mixing many nuances.

'Invisible Conductor' begins with a post-hardcore vibe comparable to acts like Poison the Well, switching from incredibly heavy parts with guttural vocals to sweeter measures utilizing clean singing. Deeper into 'Invisible Conductor,' Empress AD voyage into an experimental interlude, further characterizing each individual member as each instrument at some point takes center stage.

"'Invisible Conductor' is a song about external control on our lives and what happens when control gets out of control," says vocalist-guitarist Ollie Loring. "We searched for ages for an idea for a video that encapsulated everything and this works perfectly. We couldn't be more happy with the video."

The video truly is stunning. Blurring the line between reality, fantasy and whatever dark space in between, Empress AD deliver a clip that captivates the eyes as much as the ears.

Check out the premiere of Empress AD's new video for 'Invisible Conductor' above! 'Still Life Moving Fast' will see a Sept. 2 release date. To pre-order the album along with some awesome Empress AD bundles, click here.

Empress AD:

Empress AD
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