"Meanwhile," the time has come for new Enter Shikari music. The band premiered their new track "The Dreamer's Hotel" with BBC Radio host Annie Mac and the song is now live everywhere.

Fans may have already caught a bit of the song on social media recently, though frontman Rou Reynolds attempted to throw followers off the scent, stating, "Back home and messing with this. probably not really 'first single from the album' material," with a crying eyes "joy" emoji.

The heavily percussive track is incredibly catchy and will inevitably have listeners stuck with the phrase "meanwhile" in their heads for quite some time. Have a look at the lyrics and listen to the track in full below:

That’s it I’m going on a rampage
Don’t waste my time with any context
I’m gonna ruin all your prospects
I’m gonna pick all your pockets

I am the judge and I’m the jury
It’s dog eat dog and I’m a pure breed
I’ll work you up into a frenzy
But God this baggage is heavy

Back at The Dreamer’s Hotel
5 stars but all rooms are vacant

I can hear alarm bells
Outside they’re losing their patience

Another tempest in a teapot
I am King Arthur in Camelot
Connected to the hotspot
For 8 days on the trot
Fighting the trolls and the bots

Nuance aint nothing but a nuisance
You’re either good or you are evil
You play a prick and there’s no sequel
And that’s the will of the people

Back at The Dreamer’s Hotel
5 stars and rose coloured windows

Back at The Dreamer’s Hotel
5 stars and courtesy disco

If love is blind
Hatred is deaf
And well fed

Enter Shikari, "The Dreamer's Hotel"

Enter Shikari have been in the studio of late, with photos popping up on their social media. This comes after the band issued the track "Stop the Clocks" last year. At the time, the band stated that they didn't want to take away from the momentum of their previous album, but did want to jump in and get the new song down in the studio after previewing it at shows in 2018.

In addition to the new track, Enter Shikari revealed soon after that their next studio album would be titled Nothing Is True & Everything Is Possible. The record is on target for an April 17 street date through So Recordings / Ambush Reality. Pre-orders are being taken here.

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