This may come as some disappointing news for Kurt Cobain fans, but apparently that lost solo record may not really exist.

While out promoting his new book ‘Letters to Kurt,’ ex-Hole guitarist Eric Erlandson reportedly spoke out about a potential solo album Kurt Cobain may have been working on prior to his death in April of 1994. Erlandson talked about hearing some of the material and how excited he was about it.

Not so fast though, now Erlandson is going on record to say that he never actually said that there was a solo album. Responding to fans on Twitter Erlandson said, “I never said there was a solo album. I was misquoted.”

Producer Butch Vig spoke out about the alleged demos after the news as well, saying that the new songs were probably “just in his [Kurt’s] head,” further corroborating that the lost disc probably doesn’t really exist. Vig told NME, “He was working on songs, but they were just in his head. He might have just played some songs to Eric... Around that time period he only wanted to talk about Courtney's album. I never heard any of his new songs."

So it appears that it may be case closed on the Kurt Cobain solo disc. If the songs did exist, it seems they likely were never recorded, but there's always the lost track from the 'Nevermind' recordings, right?