Escape the Fate have unleashed their fourth studio album ‘Ungrateful,’ which features the title track as its first single.

It’s no surprise that the band named this disc after the song ‘Ungrateful,’ since it’s one of the most powerful tunes on the record. The track has the perfect balance of aggressive and melodic vocals with a chorus that is bound to get stuck in your head.

Escape the Fate fans will enjoy rocking out to anthems of triumph such as ‘Until We Die,’ on which singer Craig Mabbitt proclaims, “We are not alone / We are searching for the truth / And well will always fight this battle / Until we die.” The disc's second single ‘You’re Insane’ is another strong track as it maintains a metalcore vibe while being very radio friendly at the same time.

The tracks ‘Chemical Love’ and ‘Picture Perfect’ provide an enjoyable break and have a very distinctive sound from the rest of the album. ‘Desire’ is also an infectious track which brings a certain groove to the disc.

The album is hit and miss, though. Take the song ‘One for the Money,’ which doesn't match up to the others lyrically with lines like, “It's my time / It's your time / Held me down / Now it's don't give a f--- time / It's go time / It's show time.”

Overall, the disc has some really forceful anthems, but there are also a handful of songs that don't stand out among the rest. If you were never into Escape the Fate, 'Ungrateful' is not an album that will necessarily draw you in, but diehard followers will definitely be grateful for a number of new tunes that are sure to become fan favorites.