Escape the Fate have emerged from their post-album break to release a new song titled "Walk On" that will not only feature in the upcoming movie Sno Babies, but also is targeted for their 2021 studio album.

The track starts on the melodic side for the group, adding a stomp-clap beat and intensifying into a full on anthem from the second verse and chorus moving forward.

“Lyrically the new single is a message of positivity,” explains singer Craig Mabbitt."‘Walk On’ is a song about recovery, about not giving up when things seem impossible to overcome, it’s always darkest before the dawn and you just need to hold on until the sun rises. Walk on.”

The video is a mix of live performance combined with footage and dialogue from the upcoming Better Noise Films movie Sno Babies, which delivers a story about how easy it is to fall into a pattern of addiction and substance abuse.

This marks the band's first new music in over two years, but they are working toward a new album. The song itself was produced by John Feldmann and the band's own Kevin Thrasher. Feldmann says, “It was awesome working again with Escape The Fate! Craig is family and incredible in the studio and Thrasher ... What a talent! Him coproducing this song with me was a real treat and a real joy.”

Stay tuned for more Escape the Fate in 2021 and look for Sno Babies being released On Demand on Sept. 29.

Escape the Fate, "Walk On"

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