Several years ago, ESPN football analyst John Clayton taped one of the more memorable promos for the network when he was shown as a home-bound metalhead rocking a sick ponytail and Slayer t-shirt that were conspicuously hidden when the cameras threw to him for comment. After delivering some football expertise, the half suit came off, the ponytail came out, the dial on his stereo turned to 11 and he told his "ma" he was done with his segment. On Tuesday (Jan. 19), there was no disguising Clayton's Slayer love as he proudly donned a sleeveless Slayer t-shirt while doing his segment.

In a weird bit of musical synergy, SportsCenter anchor Lindsay Czarniak welcomed Clayton while working in bits of Eagles songs. Meanwhile, Clayton, with full Slayer tee on display, turned the tables a bit and critiqued Oklahoma City Thunder Russell Westbrook after the NBA superstar recently sported some Slayer gear of his own.

"Look at that outfit," Clayton marveled as a shot of the stylish Westbrook sporting a Slayer t-shirt over some zebra striped sleeves appeared on the screen. "First off, he's got kind of a Spider-Man look to it and on top of it, he's got the sleeves that go over the hand that you've got to put it into. I mean he had to work to get into this thing. But when you have to work that hard and you give appreciation to Slayer, I've got to give it to Russell, so keep shooting those shots and keep the fashion going."

Fully committing to the bit, Clayton shared his love for the ease of his sleeveless Slayer shirt, expressing that all he had to do was tape the hair back and he was good to go. He also shared a story about visiting the Hotel California in L.A., you know, when he's not headbanging. Check out the segment in full above and if you missed the original ESPN promo in which Clayton expressed his Slayer fandom, check it out here.

So who wore it better -- Russell Westbrook or John Clayton? Share your responses in the Comments section.

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