UPDATE: Evanescence have now released the video for "Better With You" and announced a new livestream concert. Watch the Eric D. Howell-directed performance-based clip down toward the bottom of this post. As for their livestream, the band will headline a Cooper Tires-backed performance featuring an opening set from the winner of the Driven to Perform garage band competition. Hosted by Alice Cooper, the special livestreamed concert will take place May 13th at 8PM CT through the Driven to Perform website and Evanescence's Facebook

Evanescence have just released the new single “Better Without You.” The newest song from the band’s upcoming fifth studio album is a pulsating, critical look at reality with soaring vocals from Amy Lee.

The mid-tempo piece is Evanescence’s fifth single from The Bitter Truth, which will finally be released March 26. Like many bands, the COVID-19 pandemic shifted Evanescence’s release plan for The Bitter Truth — the band’s second record with producer Nick Raskulinecz.

Check out the lyrics to “Better Without You” below.

Evanescence "Better Without You" Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Stand in the front but shut up 'til I tell you to go
Don't get caught up and pretend 'cause you're not in control
'Cause this is my world, little girl, you'd been lost on your own
Just hating and waiting and saving up

[Verse 2]
I'll do you a favor and save you if you sign on the line
Don't worry your pretty little head about the future, it's all fine
Whether you're wrong or you're right, doesn't matter, you're not up to the fight
Keeping my head down
'Cause they don't know what I know now

As empires fall to pieces
Our ashes twisting in the air
It makes me smile to know that
I'm better without you

[Verse 3]
Now look around and remember your friends if you can
Feeding the flames 'til there's no one to blame, it's on your hands
Lost in your lies, pay the price with our their lives, you've gone mad
And there's no way out
'Cause we all know you're hollow

As empires fall to pieces
Our ashes twisting in the air
It makes me smile to know that
I'm better without you

Not enough, not enough
Not enough to throw it all away
We'd still be falling
We're fallen
Turn it up, turn it up
Never gonna shut me up again
Your time is over
It's over now

As empires fall to pieces
Our ashes twisting in the air
It makes me smile to know that
I'm, I'm better without you

"As the lyrics had started to form, and just my feeling in this moment in general, there's a big theme of disillusionment for me,” Lee tells Rock Sound of The Bitter Truth. “Just growing up and seeing that fairy tales aren't really real. And it's hard to be a grownup — it really is. Because somebody else isn't in charge, we really have to be able to make our own decisions, find out our own information, protect ourselves.”

“People die — we're all going to. There's no magic castle. So that sounds like a lot of doom and gloom when I say it, but there's a choice to accept that truth and live in it and embrace it and choose to live and choose to live in a moment, and the choice to just give up. And there's a struggle there, but my choice is most definitely to take that pill."

Listen to “Better Without You” below and click here to pre-order The Bitter Truth. (As Amazon affiliates, we earn on qualifying purchases)

Evanescence, "Better Without You"

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