Evanescence have announced that their next single will be ‘My Heart Is Broken,’ and the band recently took up shop in Los Angeles to film the video for the song.

Singer Amy Lee told MTV that the inspiration for the video was drawn from a movie called ‘Paperhouse’ that left a lasting impact. The movie was a 1988 British film mixing both fantasy and horror about a girl with the ability to have everything she drew come to life in her dreams. At first it seems ideal, but it soon turns into a nightmare.

Lee put a spin on that idea for their video, and describes the concept as follows: “So, you're in a place that, at first, is a magical world, but at the same time, you're isolated and trapped there, and that's the reason you want to come back to reality after a time.”

The band experimented with fiber optics, allowing Lee to draw the world around her, and the rest of the band’s performance acts as a dream within her dream.

Evanescence worked with director Dean Karr on the video, which is set to make its debut in January. Watch Lee’s interview with MTV below for more details.

Amy Lee Talks to MTV on the Set of the 'My Heart Is Broken' Video Shoot