There's no better way to ramp up excitement for a new album than by teasing fans with new songs, and that's just what the Amy Lee-fronted Evanescence are doing with their forthcoming self-titled album. The band has released 'Made of Stone,' which is a preview track, not an official single. Who cares "what" it is in terms of record label jargon; all that matters is that it's good because it is.

The band was in a generous and revealing mo0d, as Evanescence also posted the lyrics to go along with the audio for 'Made of Stone.' It's certainly an edgy song, but it sticks to Evanescence's patented formula of ethereal, rock 'n' roll lullabies. 'Made of Stone' lets the grungy riffs share equal time and space with Lee's dreamy, commanding voice and there's a potent, riffy mid-section that will put hair on your chest.

The song doesn't simply possess attitude thanks to its assortment of meaty riffs. Lee's lyrics are full of angst when she sings, further upping the song's ante. She sings, "Speak your mind / Like I care / I can see your lips moving / I've just learned not to hear / Don't waste your time." Ouch! Who the hell pissed her off? If you get on Amy Lee's s--- list, she will certainly size you up in a song that packs a punch.

Judging from 'Made of Stone' and the first single 'What You Want,' the self-titled new Evanescence album is everything fans will expect, want and crave from the band.

'Evanescence' is out Oct. 11. 'Made of Stone' will certainly have you hoping that date would hurry up and get here.