With their new self-titled album making its debut on Oct. 11 (read our review here) and their North America tour under way as of Oct. 10, it’s been a busy week for Evanescence. But, according to singer Amy Lee, it’s just the start of big things to come.

In a new interview with MTV, Lee announces that the band is already working on adding a second leg of U.S. tour dates that will hopefully kick off in late January 2012. If you live outside of the U.S., don’t fret, Evanescence are also planning to bring their show around the globe. Lee says, “We're gonna be all over the world -- we always tour the world, but this time we're making a point to try to hit a lot the countries that we've always wanted to go to and have never been to.”

She adds, "We've never been to Indonesia, or whatever. So yeah, we've got a big list of places that we're gonna be touring for the foreseeable future."

With the first leg of the tour currently in full steam, Lee talked about what fans can expect this time around, “We're definitely focusing mainly on the new material," she divulges, "but of course we'll be playing some from both of our other albums too. I guess I'd say in general, our show's on the heavy-energy side, so we'll be running around singing a lot of fast songs."

As for Lee’s favorite aspect about touring, Lee confesses, “I love the fans!”