Canadian band Evans Blue are set to release their fourth studio album later this year and their new single ‘This Time It’s Different’ is generating a lot of buzz -- and for good reason.

The track, which hits iTunes on Oct. 4, begins with a haunting piano piece that lingers throughout the song. It kicks into high gear with heavy riffs and crashing cymbals. Frontman Dan Chandler shows his skills with a balance of some screaming but mostly melodic vocals.

The singer delivers the tune's chorus with authority: “Destroy my pain / Then capture life again / Destroy my shame / Can’t live my life this way /Go / Let Go / And capture life again.”

His hasty deliverance of the lyrics in the verses is impressive and it has a certain harmonious and poetic flow:

“I’m giving up / I’m living but weak / I’m hearing voices from shadows inside me / I never sleep / My eyes are too focused / Too hopeless / Too broken / Too open / to notice.”

The new album follows the band's self-titled 2009 disc. In a press release, Chandler says,“With the last record, we were writing songs before I even met the guys in person, really fast. Since then, we’ve grown a ton as a band: the chemistry between each member, the relationships, and the trust we have developed with each other.”

He goes on to say, "I think people will hear a big difference between this record and the last one; the album has a lot to say this time around, and it comes from every one of us in the band.”

Listen to Evans Blue, 'This Time It's Different'