Like many musicians, Every Time I Die singer Keith Buckley was a concert junkie back in the day. Now concertgoers are flocking to his shows. During a recent stop in Brooklyn, where Every Time I Die were playing two shows in one night at St. Vitus, we spoke to the singer about about his younger concert junkie self.

The vocalist recalls, “I would go to as many shows as possible. Looking back on it now I feel so bad for my parents because they just had to drive me all over the place.”

He goes on to talk about the many challenges of getting to shows: “This was before GPS when you actually had to read a map to get to places. I remember, my parents would have to take me to the place from a memory I had from the last time I was there.”

Buckley explains a particular instance where his memory led to a long journey to a show. “I specifically remember my friends were crazy and we got lost so they had to jump this median and take this other turn," recalls Buckley. "So I took my parents the way I had gotten lost, through this terrible part of town. I told them they had to go over the median and everybody was like, 'I’m not going over a median,' but that was the only way I remembered it. They were very accommodating.”

Accommodating might be a bit of an understatement. The cycle continues as parents of Every Time I Die fans may now have to jump medians to get their kids to shows.