Loudwire had an insane weekend at the 2012 New England Metal and Hardcore Festival. After three consecutive days of paramedics being called to the Palladium, we can confidently report that the event was a major success. We did a ton of interviews during the fest, the first of which we present to you now -- Keith Buckley of Every Time I Die.

The Every Time I Die frontman sat with us backstage right before the band's set on the third day of the fest. In the middle of the craziness that was the New England Metal and Hardcore Fest, Buckley gifted us with an interview during one of the day's rare moments of relative quiet.

Buckley shared inside info about Every Time I Die's eye-catching and somewhat disturbing music videos, their latest album 'Ex-Lives' hitting their highest debut spot on the Billboard chart to date, opening for 'Jackass' star Steve-O nearly a decade ago and much more.

Watch Loudwire's Interview with Every Time I Die's Keith Buckley