So, we already know that Sebastian Bach has ruled out any warm fuzzy reunions with his old bandmates in Skid Row, but what about the Brendan ‘Brush’ Shiels incarnation of Skid Row? In case you’re not familiar with Shiels, he’s the founding member of the 70’s Irish blues-rock band of the same moniker -- the band that guitarist Gary Moore got his start with?

Shiels, who recently made music headlines accusing the American version of Skid Row of using his band’s name without permission, is now extending an offer to the hair-metal band Skid Row's former frontman Sebastian Bach. Shiels wants Bach to sing on his upcoming album that he’ll be releasing under the band name, well, you guessed, it, Skid Row.

Shiels addresses Bach directly in his latest video, saying, “In my opinion, you're one of the greatest frontmen in American rock of all time.” He continues to lays it on pretty thick, “For me, you're up there with Ozzy Osbourne, Jon Bon Jovi, Steve Tyler from Aerosmith. Man, you've got it all.”

Shiels stacked offer includes top billing for Bach, a 50/50 split and a tour in return of Bach sharing his vocals for the upcoming release, according to Shiels, “If you [Sebastian] were singing my songs, we couldn't fail."

Watch Sheils video to Sebastian below and let us know what you think? Should Sebastian take him up on the offer? Crazy thought of the day: Maybe Skid Row can open for Skid Row on the proposed tour?

Watch the Video Brendan ‘Brush’ Shiels Made For Sebastian Bach