Shinedown fans, in case you missed our live Twitter Q&A with Shinedown singer Brent Smith and guitarist Zach Myers on June 20, we've got the whole transcription for you below.

The band is gearing up to headline the Uproar Festival tour with Godsmack, Staind, Papa Roach and more, while their new single 'Unity' heats up at rock radio. 'Unity' follows the No. 1 hit 'Bully' as the second single off Shinedown's latest album 'Amaryllis.'

We discussed the band's scheduled performance on 'Conan,' the upcoming Uproar Festival tour and more. Check out the full transcription below:

@loudwire: Hey Brent and Zach! This is Mary from Loudwire, how's it going?

@Shinedown: Its going great mary. .how are ya =)

@loudwire: Awesome! Good luck on your Conan performance tonight.

@Shinedown: Why thanks !!

@loudwire: You’ve hinted at a #ShinedownScavengerHunt, are you allowed to tell us anything about it yet?

@Shinedown: The surprise is the Hashtag hunt which is finding tags that's say #ConanUnity and winner gets a call from Brent and I.

@loudwire: Nice! That should make some fans very happy! You've got another hit at radio with 'Unity.' What's the overall message you want to relay with that song?

@Shinedown: We basically want people to realize we share this world together so we all must get a long for the Better of the world and future

@loudwire: A very positive message! Several fans asked about the song ‘Nowhere Kids’ and if you could talk about the story behind that song.

@Shinedown: It’s more so about social media bullies and people who hide behind social media and computers to talk trash.

@loudwire: Is there a song on Amaryllis that you feel most personally connected to?

@Shinedown: For me it's ‘I'll Follow You’ and ‘Bully’ . . I think for Brent it is ‘Miracle’ and ‘Through the Ghost.’

@loudwire: Congrats on headlining Uproar Fest this year. How would you describe the Uproar experience for fans who have never been?

@Shinedown: It’s basically a huge summer festival that you wait all year for, that is in a different city every day. It doesn't get any better.

@loudwire: Definitely a party! With such a killer lineup, which bands on Uproar are you guys most looking forward to touring with?

@Shinedown: All of them ... but always great to tour with @paparoach we love those dudes and they are like family.

@loudwire: Your global fans have been checking in asking if you can tell us anymore about the European tour in October? Is that still in the works?

@Shinedown: Routing is still tentative. . but it will be a full month long. .we will hit as many places as we can . . =)

@loudwire: We had some great questions submitted by your awesome fans. Here's one from Zainab: What's your favorite song to play live?

@Shinedown: ‘Crow and the Butterfly’ or ‘Unity.’

Fan question from Nicole: Brent, you're looking healthy and fit. What songs are on your workout playlist?

@Shinedown: No iPod or music during the workouts . . we all 4 workout as a band going the @Insanity and @ShaunTFitness workouts.

@loudwire: Fan question from Jocelyn: How do you stay humble and not let the fame consume you?

@Shinedown: We love music. . this is why we do this. . .our fans keep us as grounded as you can get.

@loudwire: Shinedown fans are the best! Fan question from Sarah: What advice would you give to a new band?

@Shinedown: Keep your eyes and ears open. .don't be close minded. . Listen to all you can. . and most importantly learn the BUSINESS !!!!

@loudwire: You’ve called the Amaryllis songwriting process eye-opening – how so?

@Shinedown: We just learned a lot about each other as a band ... learn to look at your flaws and faults ... we became way closer friends writing.

@loudwire: Wow, that went by fast! Big thanks to Zach and Brent! Good luck tonight on @teamcoco and we'll see you on Uproar!

@Shinedown: @loudwire @teamcoco Thanks a lot guys!