Shinedown are the latest act to take part in The Warner Sound’s Live Room Sessions, giving the music series a much-welcomed rock fueled injection.

Shinedown’s ‘The Warner Sound Live Room EP’ will be available in both audio and video format on May 28 via iTunes and features the band hunkered down in Henson Studios in Hollywood, Calif., performing a handful of tracks from their 2012 release ‘Amaryllis.' The track listing includes the title track, ‘I’ll Follow You’ ‘Miracle,’ and their smash single ‘Bully,’ seen above.

The exclusive ‘Bully’ video takes you inside the studio with Shinedown and gives you a fly on the wall look at their intimate recording session. An intense Brent Smith kicks off the song and the video allows each of the band members to showcase their skills including a sweet guitar solo courtesy of Zach Myers.

Henson Studios, formerly known as A&M Studios, has quite a rich history with artists like Carole King and Joni Mitchell recording music there in the past. In fact, Shinedown cover King's hit 'I Feel the Earth Move' on the new EP.

The Live Room is part of series that features a diverse array of modern-day artists performing live recording sessions in some of the most notable studios throughout the U.S. The past roster includes Blake Shelton at the Electric Lady Studios in New York City, Gary Clark, Jr. at Pendernales Recording Studio in Austin, Texas and Ed Sheeran at Hinge Studios in Chicago, Ill. Now, Shinedown can be added to that list.

Shinedown's 'The Live Room' EP Track Listing:

'I’ll Follow You'
'I Feel The Earth Move' (Carole King cover)