UPDATE: Gary Holt has relayed another message from Tom Hunting and admitted to jumping the gun when declaring the Exodus drummer "cancer-free." Hunting said it was "presumptuous" but he hopes to soon make that definitive statement following further treatment in the wake of his successful full gastrectomy surgical procedure. See Holt's post at the bottom of the page for more details.

Exodus drummer Tom Hunting, who was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year, is now free of the disease, according to an update from bandmate Gary Holt.

"Tom has been home for around a week now, is doing very well despite the pain, is eating real food but also adjusting to a new relationship with food and a new way of having to eat," Holt wrote in a post on his Instagram. "But he’s a rock in all this, strong as hell and he’s gonna crush this. And he is cancer free. They got it all."

"I know if he was on social media he would thank each and every one of you for all the well wishes, donations, tickets for the benefit show that were purchased as well as the raffle items. Only a matter of time before he is crushing the drums again! He’s got some real healing to do but he is on his way to recovery."

See the post below.

A few months ago, Hunting revealed that he had been diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma of the stomach back in February of this year. Holt started a GoFundMe in order to help his bandmate raise money for his medical bills, and it's since garnered over $108,000.

In early July, the drummer successfully underwent a full gastrectomy, which removed all of the cancer and mesothelioma nodules.

Exodus have a set of tour dates booked for later this year with Testament and Death Angel, and Hunting recently said as long as he is walking, he will be drumming. We wish him the best in his recovery and look forward to seeing him on the road!

UPDATE - Gary Holt Clarifies Tom Hunting's Health Status and 'Cancer-Free' Designation

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