The Los Angeles rock band Failure released three albums in the '90s before disbanding. They reunited last year and released the EP 'Tree of Stars, which included four live songs from the 2014 reunion tour along with the new studio track 'Come Crashing.'

The band has begun recording a new album, their first since 1996's 'Fantastic Planet.' They've also unveiled a PledgeMusic campaign where fans can pre-order the still-untitled record and other goodies along with an in-studio video to check out (watch above).

Vocalist Ken Andrews says, “Obviously we are not the first band to do this sort of thing, but I do think our fans are uniquely qualified to make this a very satisfying experience for all who participate.”

Those who help support the new album will get early access to audio clips in addition to video updates from the band. To pre-order the MP3 version of the album is $10, and there are many other packages available ranging from an autographed CD to having your name in the liner notes to a drum lesson with Kellii Scott to attending a mixing session for a song (that one costs $1000).