Disturbing news to report from Deicide and Broken Hope's El Paso, Texas, show last night (Oct. 22). According to Broken Hope, a fan's throat was slashed with a box cutter during the band's set.

Broken Hope formed 25 years ago in their home town of Chicago. The group conjured up dark and sacrilegious death metal from 1988 - 2001 before splitting up for over a decade. However, the band is back with original guitarist Jeremy Wagner and past bassist Shaun Glass. The duo recruited drummer Mike Miczek, guitarist Chuck Wepfer and Damian 'Tom' Leski on vocals for the group's 2012 reunion. Broken Hope have since released the full-length album 'Omen of Disease,' which we recently exclusively premiered right here at Loudwire.

The band's comeback has included a supporting slot on Decide's 'No Salvation' 2013 tour, which stopped by El Paso on Oct. 23. The band broke the violent news from the gig shortly after the slashing incident occurred:

BROKEN HOPE just learned a fan got their throat cut with a box cutter during BROKEN HOPE's set tonight in El Paso. Cops and paramedics are all over the place.
Please send warm wishes to this fan.

The victim's current state is unknown, but we'd like to send our best wishes to the fan who was injured at the show. Here's to a full recovery. Deicide's 'No Salvation' tour with Broken Hope will visit Dallas tonight (Oct. 23) before concluding in Austin on Oct. 24.

Update: El Paso radio station KLAQ 95.5FM is reporting that not one, but three individuals were attacked during the Oct. 22 Deicide / Broken Hope show. The station reported the following second-hand account:

"At the downstairs bar, an altercation began between a man and other bar patrons. A man attacked three other men at the bar, slashing them with a box cutter. Tricky Falls security, bartenders and concert goers all disarmed the assailant and apprehended him until the police arrived. The three men all had stab wounds to the neck, that were later described as more of slashes, from ear to ear. The three men were all up and walking before the paramedics and police arrived. The attacker was arrested and taken into custody immediately by police. The men are said to still be in the hospital in stable condition but we are waiting for an update on all of their conditions. The ages of the individuals wounded are said to be in their 20′s or 30′s and the attacker looked to be about 30 something."

For lots more information on this story from KLAQ 95.5 FM, click the button below:

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