Germany's Farsot have been bending the black metal formula since their debut in 2007. One decade later, they're about to present Fail·Lure, their third studio album, conceptually spun from the Peter Greenaway film, Drowning by Numbers. They've teamed up with Loudwire to offer you a sampling of the record with the unnerving music video for "The Antagonist" (watch above).

The initial pacing of the footage is paired with the chilling ambience that accompanies a scene of a lifeless body lying face down in a marsh. Building off this atmosphere, a clean-picked, delicate yet dissonant lead plods on, extinguished by a wall of distortion that sends "The Antagonist" in motion. Farsot's volleying tempos explore pounding, ritualistic rhythms, forceful gallops and revolving drums, with each moment's mood embodied by an increasingly engaged clan of nefarious, white-masked, black-robed figures.

Speaking about the video, Farsot collectively stated,

'The Antagonist' is the most straightforward song from the new album, which, according to a nebulous prelude - brute and determining leading the direct path into the auditory canal - presents itself as frenetic and incisive. 'The Antagonist' takes focus on the roots — on the harsh and untamed side of the band. At the same time it is the main theme of the album. The culmination. The realization. The failing unmasking. The self-abandonment and the open question about the meaning and purpose...

Fail·Lure will arrive on April 21 through Prophecy Productions / Lupus Lounge and was produced by V. Santura (Triptykon, Secrets of the Moon). Check out the Prophecy Productions website for pre-orders, with options spanning from a Digipak CD to a Complete Box set.

Farsot, Fail·Lure Album Teaser

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