Formed in 1993 and from Bakersfield, California, Korn have carved out a near 20 year career in music. The band has sold 35 million records worldwide, won two Grammy Awards, released 10 albums and have made a mind-blowing 39 music videos.

Known has one of the pioneers of nu-metal, Korn broke into the collective consciousness of music fans worldwide with this 1994 self-titled debut album. Led by the signature track, 'Blind,' Korn began a long career as one of the MTV era's most requested and watched bands.

One of Korn's most notable accomplishments is the band's mastery of the music video. During the height of Total Request Live and the MTV which actually still played music around the clock, the videos for tracks such as 'Got the Life,' 'Freak on a Leash,' 'Falling Away From Me,' 'Here to Stay' and many more were staples of the late '90s and early 2000s.

Korn were able to once again become a notable talking point with the release of 'The Path of Totality' in 2011. Songs such as 'Get Up!' and 'Narcissistic Cannibal' were regarded as both a return to form and a welcomed dubstep experiment with fans.

With almost 20 years of Korn behind us, we want to know which of the band's singles is your favorite. We've chosen a handful of tracks (at least one from each album) and we now present you with today's poll. Choose your favorite Korn song in the poll below.