Ready for riffs gnashing against synths? Well, you're going to get some, thanks to long-running cyber metal crew Fear Factory. The band, which has swapped out its lineup quite dramatically in the past several years, with guitarist Dino Cazares returning to the fold only to see rhythm section comprised of Christian Olde-Wolbers and Raymond Herrera leave the nest, has finished tracking its latest album, titled 'The Industrialist.' Now, it's on to the mixing phase, per a tweet issued by Cazares.

The title is true to form for the band, which has always trafficked in futuristic, programmed, beat-driven heavy metal with a dose of industrial and electronics. Man, machine and metal collide on Fear Factory records and we expect nothing less from 'The Industrialist.'

The U.S release of 'The Industrialist' will be handled by Candlelight Records. Front Line Assembly mainstay Rhys Fulber, who has contributed in some way, shape or form to much of Fear Factory's recorded output from 1993 through 2004 and from 2009-onward, handled production duties along side the band.

'The Industrialist' follows 2010's 'Mechanize.' A release date has not yet been revealed.