It looks like there's no new Fear Factory album in the pipeline, according to a recent brief from guitarist Dino Cazares. Of late, the metal industrialists' status has been in question, even though an (albeit unsanctioned) career-spanning compilation appeared on streaming services earlier this year.

The appraisal from Cazares goes against the new album forecast by Fear Factory singer Burton C. Bell. Last year, the vocalist indicated fresh music would be ready sometime in 2019. In fact, the frontman said, "Fear Factory has a record done. It's delivered to the label. We're just waiting for some legal technicalities." But Cazares took to Twitter Wednesday (Oct. 2) to refute that notion. See the guitarist's tweet toward the bottom of this post.

"There is no new FF album," Cazares dryly stated when asked by a follower for an update. After Theprp reported on the guitarist's response, Cazares likewise shared the news item to his Twitter feed.

Fear Factory have been mostly inactive since last touring around three years ago. While initially added to Glenn Danzig's "Blackest Of The Black" festival in spring 2017, the group quietly disappeared from the roster before the event transpired. That same year, former bassist Christian Olde Wolbers, who hadn't performed with the band since 2006, indicated the band had broken up in a since-deleted Instagram post.

Further confusion arises from the fact that Fear Factory have performed without Cazares in the past, with Bell being the sole member to appear in all of the band's permutations. Earlier this year, Cazares' industrial supergoup DieKlute released the album Planet Fear.

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