Fever 333's Jason Aalon Butler never seems to slow down — a new guest spot or collaboration from the vocalist seems to crop up every week. This week, the rocker's unceasing docket of activity includes an urgently spazzy Fever 333 remix of Nova Twins' "Undertaker."

The revised tune takes the original cut from the Twins' 2020 debut album, Who Are the Girls?, and makes it more ferocious than it already was, what with its lyrics such as, "Run, run, run / The undertaker's coming / Out for blood" and "Where's your savior?" Butler's signature snarl, layered over top of the banger, puts the song's cool menace entirely over the top.

Listen to the remix down toward the bottom of this post.

Butler's not the only Fever 333 member finding time to partner with other artists. Earlier this year, Fever drummer Aric Improta teamed with Korn's James "Munky" Shaffer and Suicidal Tendencies' Roberto "Ra" Díaz on a noise experiment called "Zhurmë."

And in another of Butler's recent collaborations, the vocalist worked virtually with metal veterans Lamb of God for a cover of punk pioneers Bad Brains' classic anthem "I Against I."

"It is truly an honor to be a part of this one," Butler said of the Lamb of God collab. "I have the utmost respect for [Lamb of God vocalist] Randy [Blythe] and the boys since becoming homies after having my mind blown when I looked over at the side of the stage at Sonic Temple Fest and saw him watching us play."

We're guessing the Fever 333 frontman reserves the same esteem for the Nova Twins, considering the rocking treatment the Wrong Generation upsetter gave the duo's number. Check it out below and see if you prefer the original or the remixed selection.

Nova Twins, "Undertaker" (Fever 333 Remix)

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