In the Internet age, we've seen the barriers between fans and their bands break down. Filter are ready to knock down another of those longtime barriers with a unique opportunity that they're offering to their fans. You can now get a look at the creative process as it's happening.

The band is back in the studio and working with the same team that helped produce two of their biggest albums -- 'Short Bus' and 'Title of Record.' And they reveal in a new post on their website that they're willing to let fans pull the curtain back on the studio to get a look at how their next album comes together. "We're offering fans the unique opportunity to share in this creative process in a way that we've never offered before by allowing them to FaceTime or Skype with us and the sound engineers … during a live studio session," says the group.

They add, "So many of you have contacted us with questions about production and music composition and we thought this would be an excellent way for you to observe, both via a live, unrehearsed writing/recording session in its raw, spontaneous form. For other fans, it offers the ultimate experience to be the first to hear the guitar riffs and lyrics that may eventually be recorded as a part of Filter's legacy."

The sessions are being offered on a limited basis, with fans being able to reserve time between the hours of noon and 5PM PT any day that the band is scheduled to be in the studio. A full hour session is going for $300, with each additional hour scheduled going for $200. Or you can reserve a half hour session for $175.

The other requirements for those wishing to participate is that no recording takes place and that discretion about the details of the sessions be kept private for obvious reasons.

For those interested, you can email to make a reservation at

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