Drummer Jeremy Spencer of Five Finger Death Punch was the guest on Full Metal Jackie’s radio show this past weekend. Spencer spoke about the massive Trespass America Tour lineup, working on the next Five Finger Death Punch album and more. If you missed Full Metal Jackie’s show, check out her interview with Jeremy Spencer below:

Jeremy, tell us what you think about this lineup for Tresspass America.

Well the fact that Jesse [Leach] is back with Killswitch it’s great. I’m fans of both singers of the band but it’s just got a renewed energy and it’s great. I love that band I think they make great records and I’ve always dug them. You know who I’m also really excited about is Battlecross because I’m really diggin’ their record when I’m working out and stuff and I think it’s a really cool record.

What can the fans expect in terms of the live show for Five Finger Death Punch on this tour?

It’s by far the biggest production and I don’t want to give it away but let’s just say during my drum solo I’m gonna get up close and personal with the crowd.

Like literally? Are people going to be able to feel your sweat?

They might be able to, I’ll be sure to have to shower everyday otherwise that can get a little nasty but I’m excited for everyone to see this. [Laughs]

Which bands are you looking forward to getting to know? You haven’t toured with every single one of the bands that are on the bill this year.

Yeah we know the guys of God Forbid, we know most of the bands. I don’t really know the guys in Battlecross yet but I'm sure we’ll get to hang out and Pop Evil as well – I really don’t know those guys. The rest of the guys we know and everyone gets along, we’ve done shows with them and I just can’t wait – it’s gonna be like summer camp all summer. [Laughs] I’m sure there will be some debauchery going on, it’ll be fun stuff to report so you’ll have to have me back on so I can tell you about it.

Jeremy and I have spent many an hour testing each other on metal trivia.

Yeah if there was a show – if they still had Music Jeopardy you and I could retire, I guarantee it.

Tell us what’s happening with Five Finger Death Punch and what we can expect beyond this tour in terms of writing another record.

We’re writing material all the time, we’ve been documenting some stuff and we’re excited to get back to it but we want to treat that as its own entity. We want to treat the live show separate and we will take a portable studio out with us and document some ideas but when it’s time to really get focused and make a record then we’ll be doing that right after the tour. We’re gonna hit it hard and start making the next record which I’m really excited about.

This coming weekend, Full Metal Jackie will welcome Trivium frontman Matt Heafy on her show. Full Metal Jackie can be heard on radio stations around the country — for a full list of stations, go to fullmetaljackieradio.com.