After teasing audiences with a trailer last week, Five Finger Death Punch have unveiled their cinematic new video for 'House of the Rising Sun.' Upon announcing that the video was coming, the band stated that it was "an experiment" and their "initial steps toward something we always wanted to do … make a full length movie." Mission accomplished!

The short comes from Thought Pirates Films and the band's own Zoltan Bathory co-directed the promo with Brian Neal. The group took to the Nevada desert to film the video, which includes an intro piece featuring a hedonistic bash before getting to the crux of the action.

Bathory says, "We jumped into this knowing that we’d shoot more footage than we could possibly fit in one music video. We went out there with two helicopters, two gyrocopters, twenty something crazy cars, a big cast and an arsenal of cameras. We ended up with so much amazing material, the hardest task was to compress it down into a 3 minutes video, so we made an extended version with a long intro and we are making an even longer ‘directors cut’ as we speak."

Speaking of the vehicles, the band employed Steve Darnell of the famous Welder Up Garage to create some of the 'Mad Max'-like creations seen in the short film. As for the plot, frontman Ivan Moody and his gang enter a high stakes poker game with some dire results. The song itself is a cover of The Animals' classic, and the video narrative definitely fits. Bathory explains, "The song's lyrics are about gambling and drinking and we wanted to recreate those gun-swinging outlaw poker scenes familiar from classic Western movies. However, I just couldn't see us riding horses in the video so we shifted eras and went for a 'Mad Max'-like post-apocalyptic vibe with the cars and the bikes we ride anyway."

'House of the Rising Sun' can be found as part of Five Finger Death Punch's two-disc 'The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell' collection. Check here and here to order online. And look for Five Finger Death Punch playing a mix of festivals and headlining dates. Check this location to see where you can watch them live.