With a name like Five Finger Death Punch, you know what to expect and what you are getting. But that doesn't mean that the band can't shift gears, slow things down, get a little sensitive and still connect as fervently with fans via a ballad!  

While it's the gnarly, nasty, raised-middle-finger anthems that come with greater frequency, the ballads are a welcome change of pace and show off the chops of a band such as this. 'Remember Everything' is 5FDP's second single off 'American Capitalist' and it's a more contemplative, easier-on-the-ears song that doesn't negate any of the band's bite. 5FDP just aren't barking here! We're sure vocalist Ivan Moody's lungs and larynx appreciate the rest.

'Remember Everything' is a moody -- make that Moody -- and thoughtful power ballad that isn't just there to serve as a punctuation mark to some of the album's heaviness. It's a headbanger's lullaby for this generation that's got a lot on their minds and needs an accompanying soundtrack.

It's also in possession of a universal lyrical thread: "I feel like running away / I am still so far from home" and "If I could help you forget / Would you take my regrets / Because I remember everything." This song could resonate to the core of a military veteran or be the song that helps foster communication from son to father or offers a little comfort to a dude that just had his heart ripped out and stomped on by his first love or to two girls that used to be close and had a falling out. It touches a nerve with its lyrical content and its simmering intensity.

The heaviest bands always make such an impact with their ballads!

Listen to Five Finger Death Punch, 'Remember Everything'