Texas-based rockers Flyleaf have a hot new single in ‘New Horizons,’ which is also the title track off their much-anticipated upcoming full-length disc. We caught up with Flyleaf bass player Pat Seals, and asked him to explain the inspiration behind the album's title.

“We started listening to all of the songs and looked for a commonality between them,” Seals told us. “We asked, ‘Is there something they all said?’ We felt that ‘New Horizons’ was a phrase that seemed to be the heart of the album. That was the song people would gravitate towards first.”

Seals added that ‘New Horizons’ is a statement about letting go of the past and focusing on the future, something to which many fans can relate. “That phrase embodies all of the songs and how they embrace the new and let go of the old ways of thinking,” he explained.

Check back for Loudwire’s full interview with Seals in the coming days. In the meantime, give ‘New Horizons’ a listen here and check out the video for the song by clicking below: