Flyleaf are back after taking a well-deserved break, and they've returned with the new single 'New Horizons.' The track, while it speaks about enjoying the moment and thinking about the future, actually takes on more reflective feel within the new music video.

Singer Lacey Sturm sings to the camera, "There is no such thing as time inside this moment no surprise, wait until I fly," while she and her bandmates look through photos and gifts collected through the years. Also included in the clip is some video footage from earlier in the band's career.

The clip, while looking back and reflecting, is also stacked full of symbolism as one member looks ready to sail out on open waters as dawn breaks while thumbing through some of the photos, showing that it's good to think back to where you're from before you "fly." Elsewhere, a lot of the shots seem to be lit with the light of a new day bursting through the windows also signifying the fresh start.

Flyleaf had good reason for taking time off as Sturm gave birth to her first child and got to enjoy the wonders of motherhood. 'New Horizons' comes from the album of the same name, due this fall.

Watch Flyleaf's 'New Horizons' Video