After debuting the title track several weeks ago right here on Loudwire, Flyleaf have announced that release date for their latest album 'New  Horizons' will be Oct. 30 via A&M/Octone Records. The second single 'Call You Out' is now available, as well (listen below).

"’Call You Out’ was one of the first songs written during the 'New Horizons' sessions," says bass player Pat Seals. “The stomping opening verse evolved over time into this aggressive but very calculated track that closes with Sameer using chaotic guitar sounds to sort of burn it to the ground - engages you all the way through."

Seals also spoke with Loudwire about the title track and the theme of the album. "A lot of the album is different [musically] from the song ['New Horizons.'] I think, lyrically, [that song] is indicative of the rest of the record. It’s all about rebirth and how you embrace new horizons. It’s about letting go of old things and embracing the future. Sonically, it’s a pretty good spectrum of variety."

'New Horizons' is Flyleaf's first album since 2009's 'Memento Mori.' The band took a break after singer Lacey Sturm had a baby in 2011, then regrouped earlier this year. They entered the studio with producer Howard Benson (Halestorm, Papa Roach) and recorded 'New Horizons' in just six weeks.

Seals says the process for this album went really smoothly. "Even though the length of time between albums was longer — three years — the process itself felt a little shorter and easier and it felt like the songs were coming out of us instead of us trying to make them come out. Before, we were it felt more deliberate. These had more of a flow."

Flyleaf - 'New Horizons' Track Listing

1. 'Fire Fire'
2. 'New Horizons'
3. 'Call You Out'
4. 'Cage On The Ground'
5. 'Great Love'
6. 'Bury Your Heart'
7. 'Freedom'
8. 'Saving Grace'
9. 'Stand'
10. 'Green Heart'
11. 'Broken Wings'

Listen to Flyleaf - 'Call You Out'