Flyleaf are gearing up to release their third studio album, ‘New Horizons.’ The Texas-based outfit first got together in 2000, and their sincere music has taken the rock world by storm since releasing their debut album in 2005. On the new disc, expect a well-rounded collection of hard-edged songs about rebirth and renewal.

With the release of the single 'New Horizons' and the full album set to arrive this fall, Loudwire recently chatted with Flyleaf bass player Pat Seals, who talked about what to expect on the new album, the band's faith and more.

The single ‘New Horizons’ is quite poppy and upbeat. Would you say that’s representative of the rest of the album, or is it a mixed bag?

I would say door No. 2! A lot of the album is different from the single. I think, lyrically, the single is indicative of the rest of the record. It’s all about rebirth and how you embrace new horizons. It’s about letting go of old things and embracing the future. Sonically, it’s a pretty good spectrum of variety.

Do you have a favorite song off the album yet?

I’ve been floating around between a few. I really dig ‘New Horizons.’ If I had to pick one song, though, it would be ‘Fire Fire.’ I would advise some fans to look out for that one. It has a lot of heart.

You guys have not shied away from your Christian faith. How does that still fit into Flyleaf’s life and message?

Yeah! We are Christians, and much of our music, lyrically, is about life situations viewed through that basic philosophy of “Do unto others as you would have them do to you.” So, yeah, that’s there, but we’re not trying to force the songs to be Christian. They are just what they are. Faith is an aspect of our personality, and that happens to be an aspect of our music.

Do you feel that the band has a good mix of fans from both the Christian and secular realms?

There’s definitely a mix. In the past, we’ve done a lot of Christian festivals and events and seen great excitement for the music, but we’ve had many club tours in Europe with Korn and still see fans of the band that are really attached to the lyrics. They key is that in ways, they feel like they’re understood through our music. People without faith and with faith -- I’ve had both types of people say, “I got real inspired by that. I was in a dark place and this song helped me get to a better brighter place.” That’s the basic idea of our faith.

What’s next for Flyleaf as far as touring plans for the album?

We definitely trying to look at a few radio shows, but we have no definite plans as of yet. We’re working on some things, and our website will let everyone know as soon as we do when and where we’ll be playing. We’re focusing on the record right now, and live dates are coming soon!

Do you have any contenders for the next single?

We don’t know exactly. I hope it’s ‘Fire Fire.’ That’s probably my favorite. We’re currently seeing how ‘New Horizons’ is going, and hopefully it will break down some walls.

How did the recording process for this album differ from your last album?

Even though the length of time between albums was longer -- three years -- the process itself felt a little shorter and easier and it felt like the songs were coming out of us instead of us trying to make them come out. Before, we were it felt more deliberate. These had more of a flow.

What advice do you have for upcoming musicians?

Play what you believe in, and you’ll thank yourself later.


Watch Flyleaf's Video for the Single 'New Horizons'