At the time, it seemed like a significant blow for DragonForce fans when singer ZP Theart revealed his exit from the group. But these days it appears as though both Theart and his former band have gotten their careers back on track. DragonForce named Marc Hudson as Theart's replacement in 2011 and released their new album 'The Power Within,' while Theart found his own musical footing with the new project I Am I.

Theart tells that there are still legal matters to clear up concerning his exit from the Force, but the one thing he will say is that things had grown uncomfortable and it was time to move on. When asked if he regretted his exit, he added, "Not for a second! I seriously needed the time off, I think, for myself. We had been crazy busy for the six years before that and I needed time off for myself, to find myself again and to know what direction I wanted musically to have with my life."

Theart continues, "That was a year well spent and I made up my mind… I'm back with a vengeance!"

The singer's return comes as part of the new project I Am I, and their first album 'Event Horizon,' which is now available. He says of the collection, "It's a big departure from my previous work. This time I've had 100 percent input in everything that went down,  from all the melodies, all the lyrics, everything is done within my comfort zone, and it sounds kick a--, I think!"

The vocalist says the new sound captures some of the great catchy melodies that bands in the '80s provided and there's also some progressive elements to it as well. In keeping with the changing times, Theart is offering the collection completely on USB. Pick up I Am I's 'Event Horizon,' available now.