Who could blame Frances Bean Cobain for being a little weirded out after one of her Twitter followers alerted her to the fact that someone had gotten a tattoo of one of her recent photo spread pictures? But the offspring of late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain and Hole vocalist Courtney Love also had some kind words to say about the tattoo artist who created the fresh ink as well.

The tattoo imagery was initially posted on Twitter by Thomas Pollard, who wrote, "Done this smoking hot chick today... Haha! ;) Great fun! Will get a better photo when it's all healed..."

In a series of tweets, Cobain expressed her equal admiration for the artwork that went into the tattoo creation but also the awkwardness knowing that her image was now on someone's body:

The picture that the tattoo was based on came from a photo spread of Frances Bean taken by Rocky Schenck last year. See more pictures from that spread here. In a separate Twitter discussion, Cobain discussed her affinity for attracting "crazies." Her tweets read:

Cobain has reason to be cautious about her privacy. She was recently in the headlines when her house was broken into. She would later tweet that the man that was arrested for breaking in was apparently there to attempt to kill her fiancé.