During a recent chat with the Fueled by Death Cast, Velvet Revolver guitarist Dave Kushner revealed that the band actually did hire, albeit briefly, a replacement for Scott Weiland. Though a number of vocalists were tried out for the position, the band had actually planned to move forward with Franky Perez, but ultimately things did not work out.

Perez's involvement with Velvet Revolver was not widely known, but the singer issued an exclusive statement to Loudwire about his time in the band after Kushner's revelation made headlines with a number of outlets.

“I wasn’t going to comment on the article but due to the amount of inquiries I have been getting about my time in Velvet Revolver I wanted to address the questions and rumors," said the singer. "Dave Kushner is a close friend, everything he said in regard to me is true and actually vindicating. Before his interview no one even knew I had been considered, not to mention hired."

He continues, "With that said, there were also a lot of factors unrelated to me as to why it didn’t work out. Look, I'd be lying if I didn't say that it wasn't tough. Getting that gig with Velvet Revolver was gonna be life changing, but what’s crazy is that losing it was even more so. It opened doors and introduced me to people that I probably wouldn’t have met otherwise. I have had more success in the last eight years than I've had in the entirety of my career. A lot of that I have Matt, Duff, Dave and Slash to thank for. If it wasn't for those guys I wouldn't have met my brothers the Royal Machines, Kings of Chaos or Steve Stevens. I definitely wouldn’t have been on Apocalyptica's radar. I came to terms with the fact that I wasn't the right guy for Velvet Revolver years ago. Sadly, the 'right guy' isn't with us anymore. Scott was one of a kind.”

In his time since Velvet Revolver, Perez has his own solo band FXP and he's spent the last three years as the vocalist for Apocalyptica. Perez also lends his vocal talents to Kings of Chaos and is the singer for Steve Stevens' band as well as a regular guest for Royal Machines. His past credits include time with Scars on Broadway and having served a stint as vocalist for Slash & Friends after the guitarist's guest-filled solo debut disc.

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