My Darkest Days were all set to start in on the follow-up to their sophomore set, 'Sick and Twisted Affair,' as the calendar hit 2013, but things didn't go quite as planned.

Frontman Matt Walst, with his band's blessing, stepped in to front Three Days Grace after Adam Gontier's sudden departure. Walst's brother is Three Days Grace bassist Brad Walst and he's kept up a close friendship with the Three Days Grace members.

In his absence, however, the remaining members of the band continued to work on new music until Walst was available again and the singer has revealed in a new posting that he has returned to the group to start lending a hand.

"Writing with the guys for the new MDD CD!! MDD, the 3rd, coming soon!!," said Walst in his Facebook posting. In addition, My Darkest Days members have posted several updates since January to show that progress is being made toward a new album. In addition to Walst's absence, the band has been making adjustments since guitarist Sal Costa left the group last fall.

Though Walst is back writing with the band, Three Days Grace still have shows lined up into late August. However, the shows are more scattered during the summer, giving Walst the time needed to re-group with My Darkest Days in the studio.