My Darkest Days announced over the weekend that their guitarist Sal Costa (pictured at far right above) had left the band, but the musician's exit actually dates back several months. With the news now out, the guitarist talked about the specifics of the split and why it took so long to reveal with Noisecreep.

Costa explained that he actually left the band in October, but the decision to announce his departure was put on hold until everyone felt they were ready to proceed. He added, "Leaving a band isn't easy. There are relationships from both the band, fans and people who work for you that you have to give an explanation to. I really wanted to sort out everything before any public announcements were made."

The mohawked musician says that even though he had prepared to leave for some time, he stayed on to play shows because he felt he owed it to the fans who paid their money to see the lineup as it was. He also stated that the group was still trying to sort out how they wanted to continue and he felt it would be unprofessional to leave them in a bad situation.

As for why left, he explained, "When I think of a band, I think of a group of artists sitting in front of the same canvas painting different parts of the same scenery. I had felt for a long while that I was painting a different scene on a different canvas altogether. We were just not on the same page on many fronts. However, that is okay. Everyone is entitled to their own journey. That is the beauty of life. How can I tell my fans to follow their heart and dreams and then not do the same for myself? That would be hypocritical for me to stay."

Though the band has yet to name a replacement, they have stated in recent days that work has begun on their third studio album. Costa, meanwhile, is currently on his honeymoon after marrying his longtime girlfriend, and has yet to reveal his next musical project.